The founder ofAtpadma.com is Afsar Uddin, Forestry graduate from Chittagong University, a reputed university in Bangladesh. This brilliant and meritorious website was founded on November 2016.

In the site Atpadma.com, here you get study materials, different articles related forest and environment, latest news, job news, exam result, technological news, and others update.

As I am a Forestry graduate, I have earned knowledge about Forest and Environment and 'Atpadma.com' is the site where I discuss about forest and environment, importance of forest for environment, because forest and environment depend on each other.

The website is working for the benefit of peoples and provide information here one can easily and quickly find the information and act on it, but one thing which is that one must be sure about the information first and after that go ahead.

Generally, Forest is defined as ‘a large uncultivated tract of land covered with trees and other vegetation such as herbs and shrubs, growing more or less closely together along with animals- minute and large in size’. Biologically, forest is a community of plants and animals dominated by trees. From silviculture or management point of view, forest is defined as an area managed for the productions of timber and other forest produces or for recreation purposes or for protection of a watershed. Ecologically, forest is a biological community of plants and animals existing in a complex interaction with non-living environment, such as soil, climate and physiographic condition.

Environment literally means surrounding. Environment is the aggregate of all those things and set of conditions which directly or indirectly influence life of organisms including human beings as well as communities at a particular place. In other words, Environment is the sum total of biotic and abiotic components. Abiotic components are those which cannot move and has no growth, such as soil, water, air, moon, sun, light, sound, hills and mountains, river, sea and all kinds of engineering structures. Biotic components are those, which have life and growth such as plants and animals. Environment may also be defined as surroundings in which people, plants and animals live and which influence their growth. Broadly, Environment can also be defined as the complex of social or cultural conditions that affect an individual or community.

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